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Surface Preparation and Membrane Removal

This is the removal by Ultra High Pressure of epoxy coatings, paint, renders, screeds, tar, plastics etc.

Methods of removal are:

By hand lance

By Robot

By vacuum recovery rotary equipment – Hand held Aquablast

By adapted mini-digger

Apart from removing a membrane, and by using the appropriate jet nozzle, the surface of concrete is left scabbled ready for future applications.

UHP Surface preparation allows for the removal of coatings, contaminants and rust and is rapidly growing in popularity as a surface preparation technique, especially in favour to more traditional abrasive blast cleaning techniques.

The principal advantages of water over grit for surface preparation are as follows:

•  Only water, delivered at pressures up to 40,000 psi/2,700 bar is used
•  Only small volumes (10/22 litres/min) of water are used
•  No pre-works sheeting out of the works area is required
•  No risks of damage to adjacent equipment from spent abrasives
•  No personnel hazards from discharged airborn abrasives
•  No large isolation areas created
•  Close interface with other work disciplines
•  Rapid follow on Inspection possible

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