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Hydro Demolition

The removal of concrete to expose re-bar with no structural damage caused by impact. NET Ltd uses both high pressure and ultra high pressure for the removal of concrete.

HP up to 17,000 psi at flows from 80 litres to 200 litres per minute for large volume removal of concrete.

UHP up to 40,000 psi at flows from 25 litres to 80 litres per minute for smaller volume removal or where water quantities could be a problem both for supply and collection/removal.

The process is carried out by the following:

1. Manual      Using a hand held lance, this is good for small areas or awkward access.

2. Robotic      Using remote controlled equipment for large scale demolition and re-bar exposure.  This method also greatly reduces operator risk.

3. Semi-Automatic     We use mini-diggers with an automated track system for the cutting head.  Ideal for quick setup and production achievement.  This method also greatly reduces operator risk.

Hydrodemolition is now recognised by Structural Engineers and Consultants as the safest, most effective, vibration free method of concrete removal,  because the parent material suffers no cracking and reinforcing steel can be retained undamaged by the process.

Technical Advantages

•      Hydrodemolition uses  a high pressure supersonic water jet, that penetrates the pores and cracks of the concrete and  builds up an internal pressure.  When this pressure exceeds the tensile strength of the concrete, the concrete breaks.  The fact that the water overcomes the tensile strength instead of the compressive strength as percussive methods do, is the explanation why hydrodemolition does not create damage to the remaining structure.

•      Does not cause micro or macro cracks in the structure.

•      Does not damage reinforcing steel or loosening within the structure.

•      Rebars are cleaned by the force of the water

•      Creates  a superior bonding surface

•      Selective removal, removing bad and leaving good concrete down to a

     predetermined depth.

Jack hammers and hydraulic breakers are the methods of yesterday !!

•    Damage to rebars

•    Vibrations in the rebars cause long distance damage to the bond in the structure

•    Causes new micro cracks

•    No selective removal

•    Labour intensive and slow and noisy

•    Hand and arm vibrations

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