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Drill pipe cleaning, LSA/NORM scale removal

With our experience and mobile equipment we provide an invaluable service to our client base for onsite removal of LSA/NORM scale at their registered premises. Using the latest technology in equipment and pumps we remove scale, paint linings, bitumen linings and concrete linings from drill pipes, production pipes and valves. Cutting the transport costs and time, the savings to the client are considerable. Our experience has proved that to carry out this work using UHP water technology and low flows of water (25 to 40 l/min) instead of the normal HP high flows of water ( 80 to 120 l/min ) the removal of the scale and linings is carried out faster and more efficiently, with the benefit of reducing the environmental impact.   

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Concrete Lining Before Removal

Concrete Lining After Removal

Concrete Lining Interior After Removal

NORM Scale Pipe

Before Removal

NORM Scale Pipe

 After Removal